Why our aeration services?

Poorly aerated, wet, and compacted soils are often invaded by various weeds. Aeration is defined as the introduction of air into a material. So for a lawn, it is introducing air into the soil profile. This helps the plant with the gaseous exchanges that are crucial to keeping the plant healthy. The aerator machine we use will pull 2-3 inch plugs from a lawn that can then just be mowed whenever the next mowing is done. Aeration benefits include helping with the gaseous exchange, absorption of nutrients and water by plant roots, relieving compaction, and removing thatch(dead plant matter at the base of the plant). We recommend fall aeration, but it can also be done in the spring. We prefer that customers on our 5 step fertilizer program do it in the fall because we will aerate and then apply our granular immediately after. This helps the plant go into winter dormancy as healthy as it can be. It also helps the plant to have nutrients reserved for the following spring when it comes out of dormancy.