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LAWN CARE in Lincoln, NE

We want to know what our customers are looking for or what issues they’re having and create a plan to get the results they’re desiring.


Check out our 5-Step Fertilization Program we offer throughout the year.


This helps the plant go into winter dormancy as healthy as it can be.

Weed Control

We offer customizable plans to take care of any weed problem in your yard, landscapes, and driveway.


We apply a granular fertilizer that contains insecticide that will help kill grubs when they feed on the roots of turf grass.

BAG WORM removal

Trees with bag worms will be thoroughly sprayed so the insect will ingest the insecticide on the host plant.

Soil Sterilants

Soil sterilants kill existing weeds and prevent new weeds from emerging for long periods of time.


Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into existing turf.


This is a bi-monthly insecticide application around the perimeter of customers’ homes.


We offer a complete fungicide program to prevent and control common funguses in your lawn.


We have the capabilities to cover your entire yard and tree lines to prevent these unwanted critters.

EAB treatment

We provide soil drench or trunk injection services to get rid of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).

Lawn Mowing

Good Life Lawn Care offers both commercial and residential lawn mowing.